The Twelve Suggestions

OK, I am not Moses, and this message is not Commandments from Mt. Sinai, but I am invested in a towering mountain of current knowledge that has converted my understanding of dentistry. I aspire to be a disciple of truth but must admit that truth is often the needle in the haystack, yet to be […]

Underwater Health

Have you ever considered the fact that the “weather” changes in our bodies just as it does outside our body?  We have just witnessed a natural weather calamity that will strain the economy to the limit, but, thankfully, few lives were lost. We can replace and restore lost stuff, but all lives matter. Whether the […]

The Mother of the Mouth

  Every July I look forward to my introduction of orthodontics to the UF general dentistry residents recently graduated from 10 of the best dental schools across the US and 2 from equivalent foreign countries. After 50 years of an unexplainable passion for the wonders of dentistry, I have had the privilege for 24 years […]

Food: Friend or Foe

America’s health is declining at an alarming rate. We are the world’s best medical model of acute emergency care but we are not the best example for treating chronic disease; the slow deterioration of our physical health because of our poor choices of food and drink (our addiction to sugar, salt, and fat), the environmental […]