The New Normal

If anything, history is about dealing with the problems and conditions at that time. However grateful we are for our air-conditioned, sanitized lives and physical improvements, we are still a long way off from reclaiming the Garden of Eden and the long life promised if we behaved ourselves. The “wars and rumors of wars” continue […]

Underwater Health

Have you ever considered the fact that the “weather” changes in our bodies just as it does outside our body?  We have just witnessed a natural weather calamity that will strain the economy to the limit, but, thankfully, few lives were lost. We can replace and restore lost stuff, but all lives matter. Whether the […]

Your Best Investment

The financial pundits call it R.O. I. (return on investment), I call it common sense. Far too many seniors say “ If I knew I was goanna live so long, I would have taken better care of myself”, but ironically they did, maybe unknowingly, but that is why they are living longer. Now our youngest […]

“The Nose Knows”

Having just returned from a Johns Hopkins/All Children’s Hospital Pediatric Sleep Conference, I once again, had some measure of pride in my orthodontic profession’s contribution to the understanding of facial development that is now being medically accepted as significant to quality of life. The very things that have been such important orthodontic considerations for at […]

Food: Friend or Foe

America’s health is declining at an alarming rate. We are the world’s best medical model of acute emergency care but we are not the best example for treating chronic disease; the slow deterioration of our physical health because of our poor choices of food and drink (our addiction to sugar, salt, and fat), the environmental […]

What’s Eating You? It’s what you’re eating

Scientific reports from all over the world are documenting the free fall in the physical health of those addicted to the American diet of fast foods and high sugar intake; the most vulnerable, our children. Assault rifles aside, unknowingly,parents are slowly killing their children with forks and spoons, or at best, critically wounding them with […]