The Twelve Suggestions

OK, I am not Moses, and this message is not Commandments from Mt. Sinai, but I am invested in a towering mountain of current knowledge that has converted my understanding of dentistry. I aspire to be a disciple of truth but must admit that truth is often the needle in the haystack, yet to be discovered, and other times we trip over it obviously in front of us. Fortunately for all of us, a few good men and women are digging and sifting the evidence of how the human being should work as the Lord intended. Remember there is a snake in the garden who would love to mess us up. So, I am a learning student who wants to pass it forward.

First, admit we have a health problem in every village, town, city, and state. Statistics tell us our health is worse than it was in 1950 when most of our population was not even born and is declining at an alarming rate. I was born before WW2 and have never missed a day of school or missed a day of work in 53 years. I can say the same for my wife, Carolyn, we just don’t get sick.  What is going on here and Why?  Can we ever get back to an earlier healthier time or are we headed for the second Plagues of Pharaoh?

Since Y2K (2000 AD), the health benefits of sound sleep have aroused my curiosity as the most important health remedy, surpassing nutrition and exercise as the “silver bullet”, but others have influenced and convinced me to recognize that how our body works during the time we are awake determines how we sleep at night, an “AHA” moment! Obvious and simple to understand. We don’t have a sleep problem as much as an awake problem that affects our sleep at night. So, what are we doing all day? Breathing correctly or incorrectly. You breathe right and you live right. It is a fundamental of health we have overlooked and don’t understand. Medical intelligence has kept us ignorant causing me to wonder if they even have a clue. To Dentistry’s credit, our expertise with the influences on the development of the anatomy of the face has proven irrefutably that breathing problems cause distortions and disruptions in overall health and physical development. The scary part is that it starts at or before birth and we all need to be aware of the harbinger of” almost sick “before really sick.

What are the 12 signs of symptoms discovered by science that should be a wake-up call?

       “Thou shall not”

  1. Mouth breathe.
  2. Snore or audibly breathe.
  3. Have enlarged tonsils or adenoids.
  4. Be irritable and have mood swings.
  5. Clench or grind your teeth.
  6. Have a high narrow palate.
  7. Have a tongue tie or low tongue posture.
  8. Have a retruded lower jaw.
  9. Have daytime fatigue.
  10. Be hard to wake up.
  11. Gasp for air during sleep.
  12. Have a runny nose, ear infections or persistent allergies.

If this applies to you or your children please seek informed advice! Make a courtesy appointment with my office. Phone (727) 822-3156. Pass this information to your friends and children. You may be the best doctor they have ever had.


John B. Harrison DDS,MSc

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