The New Normal

If anything, history is about dealing with the problems and conditions at that time. However grateful we are for our air-conditioned, sanitized lives and physical improvements, we are still a long way off from reclaiming the Garden of Eden and the long life promised if we behaved ourselves. The “wars and rumors of wars” continue […]

“Truth or Consequences”

Most of you reading this were not even born when the first game show on TV was broadcast in 1950. It was Ralph Edwards’s brain child and the TV version really captivated America as we watched a black and white screen many times covered in wavy lines marring the images moving about on the tube, […]

“Whoa Nelly”

A rush to judgment with a very critical nature is smoldering in dentistry over the neglect of duty and responsibility of orthodontists to tender and render air way analysis and intervention at pre-school ages.   Admittedly, this age has not received orthodontic attention, not because of neglect of duty or ignorance of causative factors such […]

“Hurry Up Offense” or “How much longer Doc”

How many times do you think I have heard that sigh?  Sometimes it is a soon as the next appointment after getting braces installed, but sooner or later it is a guarantee comment even though we do our best to closely predict the best case scenario treatment time. If the time isn’t flying by, then […]

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Sometimes you just have to get graphic to make a point. Our mouth quickly becomes a garbage can especially with braces on. What you eat, you wear -stuck on your braces to ferment into gorilla glue plaque, which is a live animal zoo whose waste products boil and bubble up into acid the pH of […]

“Going Clear” (without Scientology)

We all like clear skies, clear water, and clear coast so why not clear braces?  Fine for some, but not for Blue/Orange gator fans or Garnet/Gold nole fanatics. How bout Carolina Blue, “Dook” Dark Blue, Green Devil Green, Black for Goths, and Pink for chest issues?  Had I listened to my 5-year-old daughter in 1970 who wanted […]

The Extra Mile & then some

 “And whoever compels you go one mile, go with him two” Jesus “for God loves a cheerful giver” Paul  These two quotes guide my life and my office procedures. We are in business to over deliver, to exceed your expectations, to go over, above and beyond the standards of care which unfortunately eliminate caring from […]

Bogus Braces – Let the buyer beware

“There will always be those who make something cheap and sell it cheaper.” As I celebrate my 50th year of constant continuing education in my much loved profession of orthodontics, spending uncountable hours reading every orthodontic text book and journal, 23 years of teaching orthodontics at UF Dental Clinic, years of  sharing the complexities of dentistry with […]

Unintended Consequences part 2 – Invisalign & Oral Hygiene

Invisalign – Unintended Consequences Part 1 of 2