Artificial Intelligence (AI) “Our Golden Calf”?

 Happy Thanksgiving

We marvel at the technology, it is fascinating, intoxicating, and addictive, but If we are not careful to manage and control this astounding blossoming of creativity, Frankenstein will overtake us and master us. Like the internet, the possibilities for good are endless and the possibilities for evil are hand in hand. Who wins the battle for the mind? It is up to you. Not that I am a climate change denier, (it is changing), but let’s remember that Noah’s Flood was the greatest weather disaster in history and it wasn’t caused by burning fossil fuels.

The Bible teaches us that the clouds, stars, planets, comets, tides and seasons obey God. God warns us over and over that human behavior is responsible for the judgments that nature bestows upon us. Have you not given any thought to why the environment seems to be turning against us? We look for every excuse or explanation human reasoning can imagine except looking in the mirror and admitting that what’s wrong in the world just maybe us. We have a too exalted opinion of science and the ability of man to solve every problem in life, but our thinking is not God’s thinking, far from it!

Only God controls the weather, not CO2, so maybe we are looking in all the wrong places for how to get our spaceship planet earth back to the Garden of Eden where we were expelled for disobedience. I’m betting on the truths of God’s Word rather than the mentality of man to set our course- not “Scientology” or any other artificial Idol.

The cutting edge for this generation is not AI, but grateful hearts and praise for the many favors of Almighty God, especially for the opportunity to peacefully establishment a government for our safety and happiness. No nation on earth has enjoyed the favor of God’s providence to the extent of the USA, because our founders never ignored the hand of God in our quest to be a beacon of light on a hill with liberty and justice for all.

My inspiration for these remarks comes from the Thanksgiving Proclamation, October 3, 1789, by George Washington our nation’s first elected President. “Were God to hold his breath, we would instantly vanish from this earth”

Be Thankful Every Day

John B. Harrison DDS, MSc Orthodontist

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