About Dr. Harrison

John B. Harrison DDS, MSc

Dr. Harrison’s father was a pioneer and trailblazer orthodontist in the state Florida and the first to practice on the west coast, establishing his practice in St. Petersburg and Clearwater in 1931 at the height of the depression. Before WWII began Dr. Charles and two other orthodontist began the Florida Orthodontic Society, committing themselves to learning, sharing and building the profession at a very difficult time. This fledgling faithful group later became the Florida Orthodontic Association a component of the Southern and American Orthodontic Association where father and son have both served in leadership positions. John literally grew up knowing many top orthodontists of that era who enjoyed spending the weekend meetings with his dad and knew early on that he wanted to be an orthodontisst. No other practice and few local businesses can come close to claiming over 80 years of continuous commitment to the community and profession.

John graduated from St. Pete High, Vanderbilt, Emory Dental School and received his Masters Degree in Orthodontics from the University of North Carolina. He has maintained an active participation in dental education as courtesy professor of orthodontics at the University of Florida Dental Residency Program, Seminole campus since it’s inception in 1991and has also been a long time active member of the prestigious Seattle Study Club of Restorative Dentists, who meet once a month for advanced learning and multidisciplinary treatment planning. He recently served 8 years on the American Association of Orthodontists Council on Health Care and Code Committee and was awarded for Distinguished Service by the Southern Association for his authorship of the Insurance Manuel for Orthodontic Practice. Other Service awards come from the Florida Orthodontic Association, the Pinellas County Dental Association and the Rotary Club of St. Petersburg, a past president and board member of each organization..At present he is Rotary’s Special Olympics Committee chairman.

Dr. John, a.k.a. “dr. jaws” to many kids is a Trustee for First United Methodist Church- one of the few life long members where Bible Study, Sunday School and the Scouting Program are his interests but home is blessed by over 50 years of marriage to a second grade North Ward sweetheart, three grown children and eight grandkids who all love the full range of boating and camping activities. Couldn’t leave out two fun bands, The Awesome Second Time Arounders and the Second Winds where “trombones rule”.