Underwater Health

Harrison-HelathCare-shutterstock_461418955-400Have you ever considered the fact that the “weather” changes in our bodies just as it does outside our body?  We have just witnessed a natural weather calamity that will strain the economy to the limit, but, thankfully, few lives were lost. We can replace and restore lost stuff, but all lives matter. Whether the weather misbehavior is worse because of human activity or a necessity of nature to adjust cosmic energy is beyond my pay scale, but I do know that we are the cause of a growing health crisis in America that could bankrupt the health care system. America cannot be great if it is not healthy and we are making a poor showing as a developed nation. So, let’s make America healthy again and it’s not about your parents or genetic excuses, it is about the quantity and quality of fuel you put into your tank (stomach) to run the machinery 100 years (not many die after 100). Many chronic inflammatory diseases are reversible and certainly avoidable if we have the willpower to avoid our addictions.

We consume more calories (4,000), many of which are non-nutritional and inflammatory than any other country in the world and we have the obesity, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, intestinal disease and dementia to prove it. Why make a choice to shorten your life and miss out on your grandchildren’s activities? Why live with a storm within your own body that is wrecking the real house you live in? The storm warnings about poor nutrition have been flying for decades., yet they are ignored just like those who chose to ride out the evacuation orders, refusing rescue advice.

The greatest health care system in the universe is your own body’s ability to heal itself if given a chance, yet we waste millions of dollars treating symptoms rather than economically eliminating causes. Yes, we have a right to health care, a God-given right to treat our own body in a Godly fashion and not desecrate it for years and then demand to be “fixed” with the most outrageously expensive treatment possible. Burning your own house down is not a right nor a freedom we get to claim; however, our human responsibility is to preserve and save a life no matter the pre-existing conditions we brought on ourselves. Obviously, critical intensive care for those, through no fault of their own, suffer genetic or accidental mishaps deserve all the attention high tech medicine can offer. Their trials and tribulations motivate compassion and a greater understanding of the human body.

It all starts with what we put into our mouth, the gateway to success or failure. The mouth is connected to the vascular system, the respiratory system, the digestion system and the emotional system. It has been said that “we are what we eat” and “our medicine is our food”, but there is a big difference in “eating to live” or “living to eat”.Unfortunately, we are hard-wired for “junk food” and the Food Industry knows this all too well as they keep refining and processing taste good morsels damaging to us and our children’s health.

Developing a taste for health takes motivation, education, discipline, effort and sometimes a rescue from someone throwing a lifeline to keep our head above water. Hope you catch this toss.

John B.  Harrison DDS,MSc


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