Merry Christmas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) “Our Golden Calf”?

 Happy Thanksgiving We marvel at the technology, it is fascinating, intoxicating, and addictive, but If we are not careful to manage and control this astounding blossoming of creativity, Frankenstein will overtake us and master us. Like the internet, the possibilities for good are endless and the possibilities for evil are hand in hand. Who wins […]

American Independence is Dependent


The Gift of Christmas

“Falling head over heels in love” Valentine’s Day

“Desire” the Gift of Christmas

Oh, how all of us desire! From infancy to infirmity across all humanity, desire is instinctive, hard wired into the human experience of life. It well may be the greatest gift God has ever given because God’s ultimate reason for mixing it into our DNA is that we eventually realize that our upmost and highest […]

Thanksgiving Reflections Grit and God

With one great sweep of the mind we can easily imagine that every color and creed of mankind inhabiting this earth has had occasions to expressed gratitude for good fortune and concern for misfortune. Life is a steady repetition of both and plays no favorites. As Job recounted, “man is born into trouble as sparks […]

“I’m beginning to see the light”

This was the title of that great classic 40’s infectious tune of my generation by Duke Ellington and Harry James’. OK young lovers, you can search it out on YouTube for some jive and jazz from us old folks, but it is really seeing the true LIGHT which shines at Christmas that I want to […]