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 Christmas Gifts 2018

Although we normally think of Christmas as a time of giving to show our love and appreciation to those who are special to us, actually it is a special time of year when we should be most open to receiving the gift that God planned for us. This is no pretend Santa Clause story but a preordained historical truth. An intervention into human history documented by many eyewitnesses, including two amazed parents, shepherds, town folk, a choir of Angels sent from Heaven, Kings from the East, and if only sheep, donkeys, and camels could talk!  Not only that, Old Testament prophets foretold the exact details of the coming New Age centuries before it happened to inform and prepare the world to accept a Savior. Heaven knows, we sure do need one. History continues to prove that we do not prosper by avoiding or ignoring what the birth of Christ means for us today.

With all the turmoil and troubles that beset the world, we need to hear some good news and good music that will bring joy to our heart, hope to our yearning, love to our nature and peace to our spirit. Our allegiance to a trustworthy faith in Christ brings all these Godly qualities together. This is not wishful thinking, even our Faith is a gift of God’s Grace, it is not a self-generated decision. In God’s fairness, He allows us to choose to accept His life-changing gift of eternal security or leave this wonderful present unopened. I pray you know the difference and have a Holy Christmas Holiday.

Enable us to see, hear, and think about how Christ can change our World for the better because Jesus changes us inside out to become better than we were. We can become the good Samaritan who crosses the other side of the road to administer help and healing wherever and whenever and whatever the need. Raise up in America a new great generation that will stand its ground on the blessed core values of the better angels of our nature. And may all of us have a very Merry Christmas.


John B. Harrison DDS,MS

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