Question Authority. Question Everything.

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“It ain’t over til its over” Yogi Berra

In the late afternoon of my career, 52+ years since its sunrise, I see beautiful reflections of life’s colors from early morning to the early evening that put a parenthesis around a career I hope will never end until the hearse driver arrives at the office to gently take the plier and wire out of […]

“Falling head over heels in love” Valentine’s Day

The Florida “Pottery”

As health care professionals we dentist should be concerned about this hallucinatory idea that the use of “medical” marijuana should be decided by a public vote. Imagine the consequences of allowing lawyers, politicians, and the permissive public to practice medicine without the necessary education, judgment and license. This is more insane than a developing brain […]

Labor Day

Personally Speaking… Few of us know or really care about why we celebrate Labor Day, but some reflection is beneficial. The Haymarket Affair in Chicago, May 1886 was a labor strike chant: “an 8 hour day at the same pay” as the 60-hour – 6 day work week. Labor was gaining strength with unions against […]