The Mother of the Mouth


Every July I look forward to my introduction of orthodontics to the UF general dentistry residents recently graduated from 10 of the best dental schools across the US and 2 from equivalent foreign countries. After 50 years of an unexplainable passion for the wonders of dentistry, I have had the privilege for 24 years to prove to young dentists that orthodontics is the mother of dentistry. That smiles are the most important accessory anyone could wear – far excelling the finest jewelry! (All respect for beautiful human adornment)  beautiful smileA beautiful smile is a permanent asset, a sign of vibrant health, friendliness, emotional maturity, self-confidence, enhanced responsibility and increased success in life. Notice I said prove not suggest!  So much more than a pretty smile is a healthier you; one who anticipates positive outcomes because eating right, sleeping well, personal hygiene, suitable exercising and an honest desire to learn the good really enhances life and gives meaning to being human.

Everything in dentistry relates to the beauty and harmony of the face and it is probably a toss up as to whether eyes or teeth are the first noticed and attract the most attention and first favorable impression. Eyes and teeth can both smile or look sinister, but perfect teeth are always awesome and inviting. I believe beautiful teeth give the best impression.

Orthodontic treatment has a huge role in developing the face to its fullest potential, improving oral hygiene, protecting teeth, breathing properly, speaking clearly, chewing efficiently, sleeping well, eating properly, avoiding the damaging effects of clenching or grinding and keeping the TMJ healthy.  Or conversely, restoring deficiencies back to nature’s original intention. We are not claiming orthodontics is a stand-alone cure all, but a vital part of the multi disciplines of dentistry’s efforts to improve health.

Bottom line; learn what orthodontics can achieve for you to build the foundation for excellent dentistry with your natural teeth or with blends of modern restorations. You can enjoy and appreciate the benefits of orthodontic treatment for a lifetime. Make a courtesy consultation appointment and hear the message and mission from a specialty that truly is the mother of the mouth.

John B. Harrison DDS, MSc

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