Tired Blood

Harrison-Breathe-In-shutterstock_590261936-400In the early days of TV, watching the Lawrence Welk show I remember one of those catchy commercials for the elixir of life and fountain of youth: the cure for” tired blood”, Geritol tonic. Taken 4 X day would give your blood a sure enough high since it was about 50 proof white lightening colored rusty with iron. It went over big in Southern dry counties as a substitute for Southern Comfort. Soon the FDA caught up with the reckless, false and misleading advertising and heavy fines were imposed on the discredited “Snake Oil” that had alcohol listed as a preservative – no doubt about that! Dead Lord Nelson was brought back to England in a barrel of Rum perfectly preserved after a 2 month summertime sail from the battle of Trafalgar in Spain.

The truth is there is such a thing as tired blood and it affects a large number of young and old putting us at risk for a shortened lifetime of poor health. No tonic or elixir or supplement is needed to have your blood energized in the most natural of all remedies. Just breathe properly through your nose with your diaphragm to make sure your blood has enough CO2 (carbon dioxide) pressure to offload oxygen into our 50 trillion cells, mainly brain cells!  Just as it is the CO2 in the Coke that gives it zest and fizz so it is with CO2 in the blood. A tired Coke has lost its CO2, its fizz and zest, so it is with tired blood.

The body has a very narrow limit of acid base balance called pH; 7 being neutral. Our body must maintain a narrow window pH of 7.35 – 7.45 or things quickly get dangerous. Cells die at acid levels of 6 or alkali levels of 8, so there is not much wiggle room. The marvelous buffering system is all due to CO2’s balance at a lung pressure of 40 mm Hg.  Improper breathing (mouth breathing) lowers CO2 levels reducing oxygen uptake. How much brain damage will you tolerate each day? How many more problems is improper breathing causing? Plenty I assure you. Proper breathing opens pipes, improper breathing restricts pipes. The human body is nothing but pipes and a breathing pipe is no different than a digestion pipe or a blood pipe. They should not be restricted by lack of CO2 pressure.

Oxygen is in plentiful supply in our blood and in the air we breathe, but carbon dioxide has to be made through metabolism and stored in the lungs at sufficient pressure. Ground air has 0.03% CO2 and our body needs 6.5% to function properly. Are we not overlooking a simple natural solution for improving the greatest health system in the world – our own body’s ability to heal itself?

Dysfunctional breathing is the root cause of many of our modern day inflammatory curses andHarrison-Woman-breathing-shutterstock_615065561-400 the human face, jaws, tongue and teeth cannot develop normally with overarching restrictions. We can teach and train you or your child to breathe right and give you good advice. There are good videos on You Tube that will help you understand the importance of this overlooked key to wellbeing.

We do everything possible in orthodontics to increase the airway of every patient and we have the knowledge and means to do a proper airway evaluation but many times it takes a team of referring specialists collaborating in the treatment of dysfunctional breathing to be successful in the cure.

Pay more attention to your breathing, for blood sake!

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John B. Harrison DDS, MSc


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