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Raven’s Braces

ravenThank you, thank you John the Doc.
For putting them on, and taking them off.

Those braces were rough. Those braces were tough.
Those braces were cool, when I got to school.

I was suddenly part of the “brace gang”, you see.
It was great fun for all, especially me.

The pain, I remember, at times was unreal.
But they all understood, each of those girls.

You kept guiding and leading those teeth to get right.
It was braces and rubberbands all day and night.

Then one day you told me. Ok, this is it.
We’ll be taking those braces off, your next trip.

Oh, I’m so excited, and yet a bit torn.
I wouldn’t be part of the gang any more.

So, I came to your office, and in just a while,
Those braces were off and I had a new smile.

Thanks to your knowledge, your talent and skill,
Your heart, full of God’s love, and His goodwill.

I’m part of a new group, that’s more fun.
It’s the gang of, “been there”. Wow! Now I’m done.

Written by JoEllen Ferullo as she witnessed her daughter go through this experience.