“Dr. Harrison is the best orthodontist! My family was visiting St. Pete for several weeks over the summer and our daughter needed to have her braces tightened. I would have been very happy to pay for the visit, but Dr. Harrison did it for free– “as a courtesy to other orthodontists.” He did a wonderful job and was so kind to us. He also has a wonderful staff.”

-C. D.

“Dr John made me a mouthpiece for my snoring. It has worked much better than the throat injections, the CPAP, and even the “tennis ball T shirt”. My wife says I am no longer an “acoustical nuisance”. Thanks, Dr John!”
– DK

Even if every flower in the world had a voice I couldn’t send as many as it would take to say thanks enough!! Thanks for my beautiful smile.

“I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Dr. Harrison & all of his staff. Everyone makes you feel so comfortable & at ease that you forget that you are in a dentist office about to get in that dental chair & who knows what..It’s been a very nice experience for me & I want to especially thank Sue for directing me to the office when I got lost. Thank you all!!!!”
– E. F.

“I think that Dr. Harrison does a great job. My teeth look great! The pain didn’t stay for to long after each visit. Thank you Dr. Harrison for all your hard work!!”
– D. H.

“A Senior Citizen in Braces? Yes, that was me for 18 months. Dr. Harrison and his great team of Sue, Christi, Suzanne, and Carolyn made it so easy. They were always willing to work with me to find creative and effective solutions to any of my concerns along the way. They are THE BEST.”
– M. P.

“My experience with having braces was made enjoyable by the friendly faces I looked forward to seeing each month. Dr. Harrison is my hero for making my smile the best it can be! Sue was very nice and always tried to be accomodating in scheduling my appointments. Christi and Suzanne made each appointment fun and enjoyable. I miss going to the office for my adjustments. Maybe I’ll quit wearing my retainers so more treatment will be needed. Then I can start seeing these great people again. Just kidding! I wear my retainers every night! Thank you all for the wonderful experience. I really do think of our time together with the feeling of love!”
– G. G.

“I was so fortunate to find Dr Harrison and his great staff to hold my hand through 18 months of braces, and as a grandmother! I am so happy with the results and feel I made some great friends. Dr Harrison brings a lifetime of experience to solving your orthodontic problems with humor and skill. I just love, and miss, everybody at Dr Harrison’s office!”
– B. H.

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