Lasers in Orthodontics

“Lazin is Amazin”

Lasers are a must in orthodontic practice for providing superior esthetic results. Thanks to Albert Einstein’s outside the box possibility thinking in 1916, light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (laser) has become the universally accepted method of precise manipulation of oral tissue. Lasers emit concentrated highly focused light energy that removes unwanted soft tissue. We dentist depend on the science of technology to give the art of dentistry its highest expression and the laser is our “soft tissue handpiece”. Basically orthodontic use is only for redesigning gum margins to their proper level, exposing crowns covered by excessive gum tissue, frenectomies, treating ulcers or fever blisters and desensitizing teeth. It is a safe, sterile, painless, needleless (no shots – only topical anesthetic is used), bloodless, fast, efficient, less invasive, quick healing procedure. Laser assisted gum reduction can save months of waiting for enough tooth exposure on a delayed tooth needing a bracket placed in the correct position while saving another appointment for removing and replacing a bracket that had to be placed incorrectly because gum over growth would not allow ideal bracket positioning. Laser use where indicated can significantly reduce treatment time and eliminate a referral to a laser dentist for something easily preformed in our office. We have been looking forward to offering this beneficial service and now celebrate our commitment to continuous improvement with a diode laser. Final results will be even more beautiful!