Your Best Investment

Bite Down On Good Nutrition 400The financial pundits call it R.O. I. (return on investment), I call it common sense. Far too many seniors say “ If I knew I was goanna live so long, I would have taken better care of myself”, but ironically they did, maybe unknowingly, but that is why they are living longer. Now our youngest generation is really in a health crisis caused by numerous cultural changes like the demise of the family dinner hour over a home cooked meal mom had prepared from scratch. We should be and could be the healthiest nation on earth with the lowest health care cost, but we are not because of poor lifestyle choices even when we know better. We are highly educated, stressed out, out of shape, overweight, junk food addicts who are sleep deprived and headed for costly avoidable medical problems that will take a toll on our lives and adversely affect our families. Obesity in children has risen dramatically since 1990 bringing on a host of health issues once seen only in adults. Kids school performance suffers greatly due to nutritional deficiencies and sleep deprivation. Motivation to excel and push the envelope hold no attraction for the lethargic who would rather be entertained by all our new electronic wizardry that is attached to our kids at all hours- day and night. We make excuses for everything we are failing to do right

The best investment you will ever make is in your own health: spiritual, mental and physical and oh what a savings in dollars it returns. The only solution is to take personal responsibility and learn to enjoy the discipline it takes thrive at peak performance. Only you can cure the problem- not doctors, hospitals, federal government, insurance companies, education or money.

Bite down on good nutrition; it is your best investment!

John B. Harrison DDS, MSc

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