The Florida “Pottery”

Cannabis-As health care professionals we dentist should be concerned about this hallucinatory idea that the use of “medical” marijuana should be decided by a public vote. Imagine the consequences of allowing lawyers, politicians, and the permissive public to practice medicine without the necessary education, judgment and license. This is more insane than a developing brain will become with extended use of cannabis. This issue belongs under FDA jurisdiction, which has already approved two detoxified cannabis compounds that can be legitimately prescribed by a physician, and other countries are researching extraction processes that may prove useful, but it must be science not Scientology!

This Amendment 2 has more loopholes than rotting lace curtains: no oversight, no parental permission, no standard of care, no medical training required, no background checks, druggies, addicts, drug dealers, and convicted felons welcome to the “for the people” public hog trough, no age limit, no specific pain or ailment, no control over how many pot laced cookies kids can eat or help-us-prevent-the Girl Scouts can sell, or how much “rope” smoke haze it takes to cloud your thinking and reaction time to danger. The pushers of this deal made certain not to have it obtained thru a legitimate pharmacy but from pot shops popping up next to all the e-cigarette vapor stalls. The mentality; find out what people want and sell it  – not much chance for a no vote for euphoria.

I hope you will join me in opposing this marijuana masqurade in your office with the excellent educational materials provided by Drug Free America. I will get them to you if you wish. Marijuana causes too many problems for us to unleash a demon free for all. Dangerous dogs need choke collars, chain leashes, secure fences and a shotgun in the hands of a responsible owner.

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John B. Harrison DDS, MSc

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