The Breath of Life

“And the Lord God breathed into his (Adam’s) nostrils the breath of life” Gen. 2:7

Notice “nostrils” (nose) not mouth, not lungs. We are made to breathe through our nose not mouth which is made for eating. Nasal breathing is essential for proper facial development and early mouth breathing at an early age changes facial form and function in detrimental ways so it is imperative that this issue be addressed early in life even before age 3, if possible. It is apparent with new borns if they are thriving with mouth closed breathing thru the nose. Unfortunately, many are not!

Nasal breathing means survival to animals in the wild since they eat, breathe and smell for danger all at the same time. The fastest animal on earth, the cheetah is breathing through its nose at 60 miles/hour and thoroughbred race horses are all breathing through their nose at the finish line. In fact, if an animal is breathing through its mouth it is a sign of distress or sickness – call the vet ASAP!   Also, how many times have you heard the admonition “chew with your mouth closed” or “close your mouth, you look like the village idiot”?  I sure did and did not heed the warning because I developed the worst open bite/tongue thrust I have ever seen just because I could not breathe through my nose properly.

The importance of the nose is demonstrated by the size and volume of the nasal cavity within the skull which properly prepares the air before it reaches the lungs-preforming 30 functions. Mouth breathing children develop problems with posture, oral hygiene problems, gum disease, bad breath, snoring, malocclusions, lack of energy, lack of concentration and moodiness. Hope you are now convinced that breathing right is the path way to health to say nothing of athletic ability and endurance. So mouth breathers please make an appointment with us so that we can provide you with one of the 3 greatest health improvements you can control: sleeping right, eating right and breathing right. Truth be known, breathing right will elevate your health and energy level beyond what the other 2 pillars of health can ever do alone. Elite athletes and super focused highly accomplished people breathe through their nose all the time day and night.  Call (727) 822-3156 for a complimentary but thorough evaluation and let us help you develop the breath of life.

John B. Harrison DDS,MSc

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