Dear Patients and Friends, By now many of you know that selling the Medical Dental Arts building my father built in 1952 would become a reality at some point in my career when the timing was right. Downtown St. Pete is developing beyond what any of us old-timers could have ever imagined, and a developer […]

Repairing the Cuban Cleft (one lip at a time)

After five years of planning and politics with a communist country, Rotary’s cleft palate team which included an orthodontist (me) landed in Havana, Wednesday April 27th with $267 in overweight medical supplies we were donating to their children’s hospital, where all medical and dental care is “free” and as you might imagine not by appointment […]

The Florida “Pottery”

As health care professionals we dentist should be concerned about this hallucinatory idea that the use of “medical” marijuana should be decided by a public vote. Imagine the consequences of allowing lawyers, politicians, and the permissive public to practice medicine without the necessary education, judgment and license. This is more insane than a developing brain […]

Labor Day

Personally Speaking… Few of us know or really care about why we celebrate Labor Day, but some reflection is beneficial. The Haymarket Affair in Chicago, May 1886 was a labor strike chant: “an 8 hour day at the same pay” as the 60-hour – 6 day work week. Labor was gaining strength with unions against […]