Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Yes, teeth can now move faster to reduce treatment time. Propel DeviceGreat news and an important discovery for those in more of a hurry to complete treatment sooner than it takes to make teeth obey with conventional braces or clear aligners. In a culture more demanding of quick results, orthodontic treatment is the tortoise not the hare, but times are changing. We have known for the past ten years that rapid tooth movement was possible, but when patients found out what was necessary (skinning the gums away and sawing the bone between all the teeth then grafting over the area with cadaver bone and suturing the gums back), the opportunity to be first in line stayed wide open. The cost of this surgical procedure equaled the orthodontic fee and there were risks to consider, but the Wilco brothers, one an orthodontist and the other a periodontist were reducing treatment times in half to the brave and willing first responders. Wilcodontics was never going to be a household word but it confirmed that injured bone (saw cuts between teeth) allowed teeth to move much faster without harm, but how to make it easier and less expensive became the new challenge. If saw cuts were replaced by drill holes in bone (perforations) would teeth move faster? The answer was yes. Now the challenge was could an instrument be invented that would perforate the bone without having to skin the gums to expose the bone? That yes answer leads us to Propel, the instrument that can make micro perforations through the gum with only a topical anesthetic necessary to numb the gum at the stab site. A nifty little dart gun pops mini holes between the teeth where movement is needed and tooth movement speeds up for about three to four months then returns to normal rates unless the area is darted again. Usually a series of up to three procedures would be necessary to fast track a case with an increased fee of approximately $2000/treatment (as many perforations as needed), so for under $600 (time dated) you can finish early and in some instances this is well worth it. It is not as fast as Wilcodontics, but it is much less invasive and costly. We are pleased to offer this option to adults and as always we endeavor to keep our practice on the leading edge of responsible and reliable treatment. We are excited with Propel meeting this need.

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