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Over the Wire From Reelewired


That title, my friends and web grazers, dates me. Sadly, you millennial’s won’t get it so let me explain. No sooner than the Pony Express was finally getting letters to California from the East in 7 – 10 days, the telegraph wires were strung across the continent allowing Morris Code messages to be tapped out and instantly received on the other end. So over the wire is the way the world first communicated important history changing messages as well as lots of nonsense like today’s “twitter”.  OK, radio messages are wireless and computer emails are wireless, but look out the window and you will still see all the wires going down the street and into houses that allow you to turn on your message sender -so communication still comes down wires, now made out of a variety of materials. So “over the wire” many good things arrive to improve our lives, especially, orthodontic wire. I stay excited and stoked about my wires (also handy for fishing) and how good they can make you look – now you know why I go by reelewired.


I have just launched a bran spanking new Web site (yes, new born babies were spanked to start breathing- the genesis of CPR): www.jbharrisondds.com that should tell you everything you need to know about how orthodontics is the foundation of dentistry and the Number 1 most important factor contributing to the beauty of the face and attracting the attention of others. Flash a beautiful smile and the world is yours. I do not understand burkas and hooded masks over faces- a sure sign of severe unhappiness.


So take some time and tell your friends to browse around my Web page. We have blogs and videos and great links to encourage you to send your kids to dental school and brush your teeth a little better. Teeth are fantastic gifts to us, built to last and stronger than any part of the body, so treat them like you would a Stradivarius or Lamborghini and help them look their best.



John B. Harrison DDS,MSc

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