Marijuana Masquerade

A “famous” law firm claims to be; “for the people” and has invested 4+ million dollars in support of the Amendment on the November ballot to legalize “medical” marijuana. At face value this is unethical medical malpractice. Neither the law firm nor the public at large has the necessary medical training nor legal sanction to practice being doctors with such a controversial, illegal (for good reason) and potentially damaging compound as cannabis- now, many time more potent than the 1970’s craze and more popular than the Woodstock Hippie days with our sophisticated/ enlightened youth.

The Federal Drug Administration has already approved a non-hallucinogenic derivative helpful with nausea and convulsions and they are the responsible institution for approval and use of new drugs, not we the people.  Medical practice should never become a political issue much less a Constitutional Amendment. This is a frightening departure from responsible health “caring”. Common sense and respect for medical practice by the proper authorities who scientifically vet emotional masquerades demands a wise vote NO.

That’s my 49 cents (stamp) worth- believing that being “for the people” means not introducing another means to make matters worse than they already are concerning the use of alcohol and drugs.

John B. Harrison DDS

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