Let’s Face It

Harrison-LetsFaceIt_400You would think your orthodontist would be most interested in aligning teeth so that a terrific smile creates a beautiful face. Certainly, that is what orthodontics is all about, right? Well not exactly. We would be out of business if the face developed properly because then the teeth would follow their proper course without any need of orthodontic intervention. It is the myriad of insults the face encounters from conception to maturity that unfavorably alter teeth. One of my most gratifying experiences is to compliment someone for their stunning smile; “I love your teeth”, so that I can give their orthodontist credit for a job well done, only to hear that they have never had any orthodontic treatment.” Wow! way to pick your parents” I say, meaning you have had the good fortune of being wonderfully made in an ideal environment with excellent life style choices all along the way. Deer hunters score that perfection- and anything over a 150 is a wall hanger, granting the one bad choice the deer made poking his lovely head out of the woods. Why is it that well over 50% of the US population could benefit from orthodontic treatment and those who don’t, got dealt the right cards? Research data is showing that human physical characteristics at birth started a perceptible change in the 1980’s mixing with cultural changes that are resulting in increasing health issues and more expensive ways to remedy the situation. The answer to our nation’s health problem is right in front of us, the mirror. There is much to see when looking at a face and facing up to what you see. If the face develops properly then Mother Nature is your orthodontist and you really do deserve my compliment and you are the patient who can help us learn how to manage development. Remember what the Titanic would have avoided with the slightest change in course.

If we would pay more attention to the healthy, alert and productive as to how they reached that achievable potential and could interest and motivate those scoring less that 150 (forgive the deer analogy) to gain back the great potential of the body to heal itself, we would benefit beyond measure.

We can only reach our best health potential (aside from picking the right parents) by learning to:

  1. Breathe right (see the Nose Knows)
  2. Sleep right (avoid fragmentation)
  3. Eat right (no snacking on sugar)
  4. Move muscles.

It is a simple formula for being your personal best despite the genetic, cultural and environmental insults we contend with and overcome.

From our first breath, all of life and living depends on our next breath. How and what kind of air the lungs receive will determine how the face will develop over time. The amount of quality sleep depends on proper breathing and sleep breathing disorders begin in infancy and continue to worsen if parents are not observant. So, let’s face it, breathing right (exclusively through the nose} is the number one priority for normal facial development and restorative sleep. If you or your child tends toward mouth breathing especially during the night, we would be pleased to evaluate your situation and offer professional help to normalize the most fundamental function of life and ideal development.

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John B. Harrison DDS, MSc


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