Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Sometimes you just have to get graphic to make a point. Our mouth quickly becomes a garbage can especially with braces on. What you eat, you wear -stuck on your braces to ferment into gorilla glue plaque, which is a live animal zoo whose waste products boil and bubble up into acid the pH of stomach acid, aka vomit, that will take the hide (enamel) off your teeth in short order. If you really saw under a microscope what the bacterial enemy army’s offensive maneuver and siege works were to destroy your teeth, you would think that T-Rex of Jurassic Park was the friendly Geiko lizard. To really get an explosive mix just add the sugar/ acid combination from soda’s or sport drinks (an unfortunate food group in the American diet) to the equation and our teeth don’t have a fighting chance of survival unless you decide which ones you want to keep.

It is discouraging to see advertisements in the media circus that portray implants as the new status symbol for sexy smiles over 50. Twenty years ago it was dentures that would hold still with Polygrip when you talked or kissed your wife. This is a dental disaster, not a cause for celebration. Try as we have over the last 100 years, either Dentistry has been a sad failure at education and evangelism or nobody is listening. Why are we not keeping our natural teeth a lifetime rather than bragging how well we can bore titanium cylinders into vacant jaw bone and affix porcelain or zirconium imposters for teeth?   Friend, each tooth is what God reverently made for us, perfect in design and function, intended to last a lifetime with instructions for “Levitical” cleanliness. Check out its meaning in your Bible. Methuselah’s teeth lasted 969 years, without the American Dental Association instructing him in the use of an electric toothbrush, yet we accept loosing teeth as a “normal” part of aging.

All the whining and whaling about the high cost of health care is mostly our own fault because we take such poor care of ourselves when it comes to eating, sleeping, and exercise. There will never be enough doctors to go around in a nation bent on irresponsible self-destruction nor will there ever be enough money to fix us no matter how much money of ours the federal government throws at the problem. If we just had some responsible individual health caring, then Health Care would not dominate the news.

There are a lot simpler and less expensive answers my friends, than implants, transplants, artificial body parts and pricey drugs none of us can afford on our own. Just as you would not desecrate a holy place, treat your body the same way because it is holy. Interestingly, Godliness doesn’t cost a dime- its free health care for all.

John B. Harrison DDS,MSc

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